On March 28th, 2017, scores of people gathered at the court house in Philipsburg to witness the long awaited trial of the Trolls versus the Bergans, from the movie Trolls.

Heads turned and parents and family members filled the streets of Philipsburg, as the Trolls, Papa Smurf and the Bergans were the cause of a huge traffic jam of curious onlookers.

The prosecution took the Bergans to court for murder and kidnapping of Trolls.
Both lawyers presented strong cases. Members of the Troll family and Papa Smurf testified on behalf of the prosecution. Papa Smurf can sympathize with what the Trolls are going through, because the Smurfs, also being miniscule creatures, have been victimized for years by the immense, angry Gargamel. On the defense attorney’s side, King Grizel, Brigitte, Chef and King Grizel’s dad, testified on behalf of the Bergans.

Judge Aisha did a great job conducting the trial. After thirty minutes of listening to both arguments from the prosecutor and the defense attorney, Judge Aisha directed the jury members to the judge’s chambers, where they deliberated on a verdict.

The jury had a tough task deliberating on a verdict for the trial, in the judge’s chambers. A verdict was finally reached and the bailiff Mr. K.C. resumed the trial. Foreperson of the jury, Ms. Anneke Lemerigtz, presented the document with the verdict to judge Aisha.

Judge Aisha read the following verdict to the filled courtroom.
On the first count of kidnapping, the jury finds the Bergans, not guilty. On the second count of murder, the jury finds the Bergans, guilty. Cheers filled the court room as the Trolls celebrated. The judge sentenced the Bergans to two years imprisonment and $1,000 fine, which is to be paid to the family of the Trolls for their loss. Court was adjourned after one hour.