Elementary School

Elementary Division

The mission of the elementary school division is to provide a firm educational foundation for students through a developmentally appropriate, challenging curriculum. The goal is to nurture life-long learners and thinking individuals who know how to access information from the ever-growing body of knowledge. The core program; language arts, mathematics, social and natural sciences, is augmented to include visual and performing arts, music, physical education, foreign languages and computer technology. These classes are taught by specialists in the given area. Learning Unlimited Preparatory School enjoys a high degree of parental involvement, which facilitates cooperation between teachers, administrators, and families leading to an atmosphere of collaborative endeavors.

In accordance with the schools’ mission, individualized programming is offered to accommodate the needs of a very diverse student body. The interdisciplinary primary program is experiential in nature and provides flexibility to honor cultural diversity and individual differences.

The academic program is enhanced by offering field trips as well as numerous special events.

Students of the Elementary School participate in school performances and attend outdoor educational events and activities, according to their grade level. Students have access to two computer laboratories. Our campus maintains a library collection for academic and recreational reading, as well as access to an extensive online library.

The nurturing environment of the elementary school is success-orientated, providing the students with skills to become life-long learners. Students attend school daily for six hours and have the opportunity to stay for after-school activities.