LU School Profile 2022-23

College Acceptances: LU Class of 2022

Many colleges had their most selective admissions season to date, setting record-breaking low numbers for 2022 acceptance rates in all the Ivys and virtually all post-secondary institutions of renown. Despite this statistical circumstance, the LU Class of 2022 persevered while earning $1,253,800 in scholarships, and put together a very solid application season with some discernible highlights. Ignoring the application data, the Class of 2022, valedictorian, Jamie Lynch, was accepted into the Tandon School of Engineering at New York University, both Cal Polys, Howard University, and the University of Connecticut. Jason Yang and Heland Mo were both invited to attend the internationally regarded Life Sciences program at the University of Toronto, a school that is consistently ranked in the top 20 Global Colleges and Universities by US News. Ms. Mo, LU’s salutatorian, was also accepted into Health Sciences at the University of British Columbia, perennially ranked in the top 40 schools in the world and second in Canada. The list of notable acceptances continues with Grant Caputo who will undertake Environmental Engineering at the University of Wisconsin at Madison ranked #42 in the US. Mr. Caputo was also accepted to other well-ranked engineering programs at Michigan State and Cal Riverside. And, Siddhant Vaswani put together a terrific application season earning acceptances into top-tier business programs across the US, particularly at Syracuse and Bentley University.

The LU application boom extended to colleges and universities around the world. Aryan Notani, Avinash Khemchandani, and Prerna Ramchandani will be jetting off to earn their BScs at the very well-regarded University of Western Ontario in London, Canada. Cristel Gumbs and Louis Rey Giraud will travel to Concordia University in Montreal to study Economics and English Literature respectively. Shaila Snow will be working on her business degree in marketing at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, while Varun Vaswani will be at George Brown College in Toronto. Valeria Arellenos Torres and Danielle Quitadamo will be heading to Spain and France to earn their BFAs in filmmaking while Juhi Soneji will be working on her psychology degree at the American University Paris in France. Jholan Richards will begin his studies at Tallahassee and complete his course requirements at Florida A&M. Reva Hiranandani is on her way to Niagara College in Canada to work on her hospitality degree; Hadassah Patterson will be attending Valencia College in Florida and Dev Sagre and Devin Lao will begin their post-secondary education in multimedia and business studies in Holland.

  1. Valeria Arellenos Torres
    1. TAI Escuela Universitaria de Artes, BFA Bachelor of Fine Arts- Filmmaking, Madrid, Spain
  2. Grant Caputo
    1. The University of Wisconsin at Madison, BEng. Bachelor of Engineering – Environmental Engineering, Madison, WI, USA
  3. Cristel Gumbs
    1. Concordia University BA Bachelor of Arts- Economics, Montreal, QC, Canada
  4. Reva Hiranandani
    1. Niagara College, BA Bachelor of Arts- Hospitality Management, Welland, ON, Canada
  5. Avinash Khemchandani
    1. The University of Western Ontario BSc. Bachelor of Science – Kinesiology, London, ON, Canada
  6. Devin Lao
    1. SRH Universities BSc. Bachelor of Science – Creative Media Studies, Harlem, Holland
  7. Jamie Lynch
    1. New York University, BEng. Bachelor of Engineering- Civil Engineering, New York, USA
  8. Heland Mo
    1. The University of Toronto, BSc. Bachelor of Science – Life Sciences, Toronto, ON, Canada
  9. Aryan Notani
    1. The University of Western Ontario BSc. Health Sciences – Kinesiology, London, ON, Canada
  10. Hadassah Patterson
    1. Valencia College, AA Associate of Arts – Orlando, FL, USA
  1. Danielle Quitadamo
    1. EICAR International University- BFA Bachelor of Fine Arts – Filmmaking, Paris, France
  2. Prerna Ramchandani
    1. The University of Western Ontario, BSc. Health Sciences- London, ON, Canada
  3. Louis Rey-Giraud
    1. Concordia University, BA Bachelor of Arts- English Literature, Montréal, QC, Canada
  4. Jholan Richardson
    1. Seminole State College, AA Arts, Seminole, Florida
  5. Dev Sagre
    1. Rotterdam University, BIB, Bachelor of International Business, Rotterdam, Holland
  6. Shaila Snow
    1. Carleton University, BA Bachelor of Arts- Economics, Ottawa, ON, Canada
  7. Juhi Soneji
    1. American University Paris, BA Bachelor of Arts – Psychology, Paris, France
  8. Siddant Vaswani
    1. Bentley University, BBA- Business Administration- Finance, Boston, MA, USA
  9. Varun Vaswani
    1. George Brown College, Business Diploma, Toronto, ON, Canada
  10. Jason Yang
    1. The University of Toronto BSc. Bachelor of Science – Life Sciences, Toronto, ON, Canada